Battle of New Orleans Multi-Media Journal Topics

Selection: Choose your topic from the following choices for your multi-media
presentation. Note: Teacher approval required for alternative topic.

Major General Andrew Jackson, Commander US Army
Major General Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, Commander British Army
Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane, British Navy
Lt. Colonel Thomas Mullens, British Army
Major Pierre Lacoste, Commander 1st Battalion of Free Men of Color
Major Louis D’Aquin, Commander 2nd Battalion on Free Men of Color
Captain Joseph Savary, Captain in the 2nd Battalion of Free Men of Color
Major Jean Baptiste Plauché, LA Militia
Major General Jacques Villeré, LA Militia
Women of New Orleans
Camp Followers
Free Women of Color
Ursuline Nuns
Major General William Carroll, Commander West Tennessee Militia

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American Troops
Lacoste’s Free Men of Color
Plauche’s Battalion of Uniformed Companies of New Orleans Volunteers
Captain Beale’s Company of New Orleans Rifles
Jugeant’s Company Choctaw Volunteers
Lafitte’s Baratarians
D’Aquin’s Free Men of Color
Carroll’s Tennessee Militia

British Troops
Royal Artillery, Rocket Brigade
1st and 5th West Indies Regiments of Foot
4th Regiment of Foot (King’s Own)
Royal Marines
14th Light Dragoons
Royal Navy
85th Regiment of Foot (Bucks Light Infantry)
93rd Regiment of Foot (Sutherland Highlanders)

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Battle at Lake Borgne

December 23, 1814 Night Skirmish

Battle of New Orleans


Regular Army and Militia Musicians

Popular Period Music


Medical Advances


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