Guide to Bio-Historical Poems

Examine the research information collected for your Battle of New Orleans topic. Record the following information for the diamante or acrostic poem which will be the introduction card slide for your multi-media journal project.
Answer the following questions which apply to your Battle of New Orleans topic:
• Why was the person/event/issue/place important?
• What are the quality/traits/circumstances of topic?
• When and where did the battle or event take place?
• What were the benefits of technology?
• What are the lyrics and message of the music?
Diamante is Italian for diamond. A Diamante Poem is shaped like a diamond.

Chalmette Battlefield
Warm, light
Crackling, dancing, comforting
Gumbo, cornbread, coffee, bacon
Eating, smacking, laughing
Full, content

Handout 4 (1/2)

An acrostic poem takes a word, sentence, or phrase and makes the first letter of each the first line of a poem.

Chalmette Battlefield
Camps of US military
Hunkered down awaiting the Redcoats
Armed with muskets and cannons
Like their revolutionary brothers
Men fighting for sovereignty and freedom
Elite and common
They fought side by side
They fought under the stripes and stars
Every man a hero

Handout 4 (2/2)